COVID 19 | Your safety is our priority | The Maark

Covid 19


Frequent use of hand sanitisers at all facilities and masks for employees.

Frequent sanitisation and cleaning of regularly touched surfaces like door handles, equipments, lift buttons at all our establishments.

Deep cleaning and fumigation of all our premises is done regularly.

We practise regular and thorough cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces.

We follow a routine for sanitisation of work stations, laptops and mobiles of our employees.

Social Distancing

Maintaining a 2 metre distance amongst employees at all facilities.

Spread out seating, partial work from home, no group gathering or meetings across all facilities.

Markings on floor at Warehouses to maintain social distance in queues.

We have eliminated group meetings, instead we encourage audio/video conferences.

Safe Delivery

Temperature checks and use of sanitisers at entry points into all facilities for employees and visitors.

Hand santisation and use of 3-PLY masks for Delivery Staff and Carpenters before entering your premises.

Frequent fumigation of delivery vehicles. Use disinfectants while loading and unloading of products from the vehicles.

Intense cleaning of vehicle, equipments, tools and other surfaces that are used frequently while making delivery.